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Q: Are your shoes lasting?

Ans: We are using Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint for all painted models to ensure quality. It is scratch resistant, waterproof & flexible. They are designed to last provided if they’re properly cared for. After the paint dries, we will use Angelus Acrylic Finisher to protect the paint from minor scratches/scrapes. Additionally, we give you the option to add on free waterproof coating on top of the sneaker for everlasting finish.


Q: How long does it take to custom my sneakers?

Ans: PO sneakers are open for 7 days within the month, afterwards it will take 2-5 weeks to custom your pair of sneakers. Non-PO will take 2-3 weeks which are much faster if you do not wish to wait.


Q: Can I make special requests? 

Ans: Yes but only for selected models (e.g. Non-PO Customs). Specially curated models can only work on certain colors so we wouldn't advise. However, if you have a special custom you wish to have us curate for you, we are all ears! Just drop us an email to with your photo attachment.


Q: I have an existing pair of new AF1, can I pass it to you guys to design?

Ans: Yes, we accept only new pair of AF1 unworn. Due to hygiene purposes, we do not accept used sneakers.


Q: I need the shoes urgently, any ways to speed it up?

Ans: Special requests will be charged based on season. E.g. CNY / Valentines Day / Hari Raya / Deepavali @ $30 fee per shoe. Otherwise, it will be additional $20 fee per shoe.



Contrife Lab reserves the right to amend the terms from time to time without prior notice. If you have any clarifications, kindly email us at