DIY Velcro Tick Air Force 1

DIY Velcro Tick Air Force 1

Regular Price $249.00 Sale

Choice of Shoe Base: Authentic @ $149 / Inspired @ $50
*If you have a brand new AF1 looking to customize, bring it to us!

What you'll expect:

  • Have a choice between 100% authentic brand new pair of Air Force 1’s with the original box or the non-authentic Grade AAA quality inspired model.
  • Made to order to ensure quality
  • All of our velcro designs are handmade. (Kanagawa Wave Leather / Iridescent / 3M Reflective)
  • Please choose your options and apply it under "Special Requests" during checkout.

For Authentic Models:

  • To ensure authenticity, we purchase directly from Nike SG/ Footlocker SG / JDSports  SG/ ASOS (you can request proof of receipt during checkout)
  • Due to high demand of certain shoe sizes, these sites may have limited quantity of the sizes that you requested. Therefore, you can either choose to get a full refund or wait patiently for their restock. Otherwise, we encourage you to get our non-authentic Inspired models.
  • Original sneakers will come with the original shoe box.

For Inspired Grade AAA Models:

  • We use the best quality and the one that is closest to the authentic. There will only slight differences in terms of the tagging, stitching & the soles. (Refer to FAQ for more info)
  • All inspired models, it will come with our brand new reusable drawer-like shoebox. 

Waiting Time: Expect 2-3 weeks for orders to be fulfilled and shipped to your doorstep.

*Disclaimer: In order to make this design, we will be removing original Nike tick to replace with DIY Velcro tick shape for the Velcro ticks to stick on. Once original Nike tick is removed, they will no longer be able to be placed back.