Ombre Drips Air Force 1

Ombre Drips Air Force 1

Regular Price $269.00 Sale

Design @ $120* (Outer side only) 

Choice of Shoe Base: Authentic @ $149 / Inspired @ $50
*If you have a brand new AF1 looking to customize, bring it to us!

What you'll expect:

  • Have a choice between 100% authentic brand new pair of Air Force 1’s with the original box or the non-authentic Grade AAA quality inspired model.
  • Made to order to ensure quality
  • If you prefer other colors on the drips, feel free to contact us before making an order.
  • All sneakers come with optional free waterproof coat on top of the existing acrylic finisher

For Authentic Models:

  • To ensure authenticity, we purchase directly from Nike SG/ Footlocker SG / JDSports  SG/ ASOS (you can request proof of receipt during checkout)
  • Due to high demand of certain shoe sizes, these sites may have limited quantity of the sizes that you requested. Therefore, you can either choose to get a full refund or wait patiently for their restock. Otherwise, we encourage you to get our non-authentic Inspired models.
  • Original sneakers will come with the original shoe box.

For Inspired Grade AAA Models:

  • We use the best quality and the one that is closest to the authentic. There will only slight differences in terms of the tagging, stitching & the soles. (Refer to FAQ for more info)
  • All inspired models, it will come with our brand new reusable drawer-like shoebox. 

Waiting Time: Expect 2-3 weeks for orders to be fulfilled and shipped to your doorstep.

*Disclaimer: All of our hand painted shoes go through numerous protective steps to ensure durability and longevity. As we humans are not 100% perfect, do expect the shoes to have minimal flaws.